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Consider an ERP that allows your small or mid-size business to:


》     Capture customers by merging the customer data to the enterprise.

》     Use business intelligence through reports and analytics to respond to the market in real-time and improve knowledge management.

》     Strengthen the channel from supplier to customer to your business by integrating all data for streamlined operations.

》     Eliminate the need for manual processes and cut costs by automating processes to run more efficiently.



Choose an ERP with a 360° complete coverage of all your small and mid-size business requirements:


  1. Supplier Relationship Management– Procurement, Production, Distribution – Product Lifecycle Management and Supply Chain Management – functional timelines, product line counts, finished goods tallies, bin counts, distribution logs, shipping logs



  1. Customer Relationship Management– to capture customer relationships, and enable better knowledge management, thereby improving the usage of customer experience data for business intelligence – using tools to monitor performance and productivity – for example, customer information in one repository can help in scoring leads.



  1. Performance and Governance– for cost-cutting and control of corporate services for enhanced usage of assets and improved management of asset lifecycle – total enterprise asset management



  1. Sales– from order placement, order scheduling, and shipping, to invoicing – for example, quotations list, list of sales orders



  1. Finance– Direct reporting with real-time data – GAAP accounting, for example, GL, AR, AP, payroll, and consolidated financial management, for example, divisional reporting.



  1. Human Resource– complete employee database to store, track, manage, and utilize all employee data, from personal FTE information and emergency contact to workflow, approvals, service, etc.



  1. Analytics – Analyze real-time data and convert it to business intelligence to improve business strategies, better manage your assets, increase efficiency in business processes, and cut costs.