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Why do you need a Warehouse Management System?


A warehouse guarantees that your business stays on top of its productivity goals. Therefore, a Warehouse Management System (WMS) is necessary to help with the common challenges that any company faces by creating a trustable warehouse environment.

However, what is a Warehouse Management System? A WMS is a software used to facilitate and administer warehouse operations such as daily planning, management of available resources and procedures like orders and shipment, etc. for a smoother working of goods in a warehouse.

First and foremost, a WMS allows you to track every unit with detail so that you are aware of what exactly is in the warehouse, and when it needs to be restored. With this improved access to your inventory, packaging and shipping data, a WMS can easily spot problem areas in your system allowing you to act quicker on developing solutions.

This information is continuously updated to provide accurate feedback so companies can respond faster to the demands of their customers as well. Your warehouse is the way to your customers, so knowing where their shipments are, with the help of the tracking functionalities of a WMS, results in improved communication with your customers, thereby effectively improving customer service.

Your WMS integrated into an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, can help boost productivity by providing deeper insights into the performance of your business. FactsWMS is the Warehouse Management Software developed by FACTS, and here are a few features that could be of benefit to you:

  • The FactsWMS workflow management aids with the tracking of items through the warehouse processing, and alerting status changes in real-time. This enables businesses to monitor common processes to improve quality, consistency and efficiency in the functioning of the company.
  • FactsWMS order management & fulfillment brings all the channels (online, offline, catalog) together under one system, allowing your business to capture process and service orders from multiple sales channels.
  • FactsWMS supports barcoding to create flexible and customizable solutions to meet your business goals and requirements.
  • FactsWMS provides dashboards that display all the information organized in summaries or in detail, to cater to every user, providing visibility throughout the business.

Evidently, Warehouse Management Systems can help companies maximize profitability and eliminate errors. Therefore, implementing a WMS to your business is important and can allow incorporation of innovations over time, helping your business gain an added competitive advantage in the market.