Mobile Application Software Development

There has been 25 percent development after companies have gone mobile for their sales force. The management and the sales team gets the real time progress with real time data of their sales and current inventory stock levels.
  • Mobile application are software applications developed for low or medium power hand held devices like the mobile phones, enterprise and digital devices.
  • These can be downloaded or installed on the devices with feature rich application experience. We need to consider your hardware / device specifications, screen sizes and other configurations.
  • The platform of the mobile application has integrated development environment, which helps the software developer with the tools to code, quality test the application and then deploy into the targeted environment. We can therefore, custom craft the mobile application according to your business needs. And which also gives you an amazing user experience and convenience.
  • With our vast experience and acquired know-how, we have a very strong presence in the software development and services in the Middle East region. We can deliver from small iPhone app to large scale pc systems in the banking, trading, and other industries.
  • We are into smart mobile solution with smart features / applications that lets you talk, share live updates, connect through social media, click pictures, get access to the data from cloud, creation and sharing professional presentations and many more.
  • Your business needs to go mobile, because there are 5 times more mobile web based companies and customers who are currently mobile. Contact us to gain a quick introduction and knowledge of your specific application requirement on your device and be a part of the app revolution.
  • Major of the companies and users are using their mobile apps for personal and professional use, making your business mobile and this is the only alternative to stay in the competition. According to a study the below points show that the world is moving to a mobile application development. Below are the details of the study:
  • Number of mobile application downloads have increased drastically to 25 billion worldwide.
    Due to this the mobile development has increased and the forecasted development by the beginning of 2014 is about $80 billion.
    15% of the Google views are from the mobile applications.
    There is more android applications development happening than i-phone applications. i-phone application are 4 percent lower than android applications.