Our Team

The production staff is built up to form a team of Specialists with substantial background in Software development. With the General Manager and the Operation Manager heading the team to ensure the implementation process are smooth.

With the General Manager and the Operation Manager heading the team to ensure the implementation process are smooth. With a wealth of enormous experience in deploying websites, Intranet and Extranet solutions, ERP and HR & Payroll Solutions, our production-staff work in team units.

  • General Manager – With a vast experience, he gives spontaneous and quick, simple solutions to the different problems. Appropriate guidance are given to the Project manager's; always ensuring that there is an excellent Customer interaction. Allocation of work to the respective project managers are done based on their specific domain knowledge and experience.
  • Operation Manager – Responsible for client escalations. Ensure the Project Deliveries are as per milestones set for the client & are within the budgets. Also the change management activities are handled to a successful project completion.
  • Quality Controller (QA) – Responsible for software quality control, unit testing and project release tasks.

Each client is assigned a base team that consists of:
  • Project Manager – Responsible for managing the implementation, project tasks, timelines and budgets
  • Software Architect – Responsible for creating the IA, UI architecture, design templates & prototypes
  • Multiple Developers – Responsible for implementing the creative, programming the systems and web applications.

If the project requires e-Commerce Integration, Content Management, System Solutions or Site Globalization Deployment, FACTS Computer Software House LLC will assign an Application Analyst to assist in the Site Architecture, Redesigning/Re-engineering and Planning stages throughout the project implementation.

What do we do?

In an increasingly global market place many businesses are developing and evolving to make themselves have an international presence. They therefore, need solutions robust enough to cope with multiple government legislations, multiple currencies, multiple languages and which can offer integration, customization, multiple platform options and more.

We understand these challenges and have developed a Total Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution and Human Resource Management (HRM) Solution and Other software solutions that meet the demands of international businesses which makes us the Best Software Company in United Arab Emirates with over 1000 plus customized solutions in the past 14 plus years.

In a nut-shell, we deliver
  • Large Scale Implementations,
  • Provide Specialist Consultancy Services,
  • Re-engineering and Change Management of the process flows

Therefore, we equip our customers to run their businesses more effectively and overcome the challenges of today's business environment.