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This client offers photography services, including digital photo printing, and also has a wide range of merchandises such as cameras, photo albums and other personalized items. FactsBMS gives a complete solution to their requirements, along with specific features, to handle all custom related intricacies such as numerous documentations. FactsBMS solution for this client is designed with Microsoft Visual Basic and Microsoft SQL Server as the Back-End Database Engine. Some of the basic modules include Request for Quotation and Registration, which are done normally through email or fax etc. Sales Quotation are prepared by concerned procurement executives along with exclusive quotation number and it mainly requires the approval of the management for reviewing mark-ups, seeking room for discounts, and payment and delivery terms on the basis of resource availability. Job Order needs to be prepared by Sales Department when the Customer Purchase Order is received from the client. Supplier Enquiry is mostly sent to various suppliers. The supplier to display supplier analysis, which is based on price, payment terms, delivery terms, after sales service, and further negotiations and price reduction are performed before the Purchase Order is released, generates Purchase Order.