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Our ERP software has been installed for a leading contracting company in the UAE. As a leading contracting company in the UAE, this client always showed steady growth. As they expanded, they took on several projects and needed a software solution to help them multitask. Projects they were, and still are, involved in include residential apartments, office buildings, airport terminals, military infrastructure, and more.


To gravitate towards the finest form in terms of quality, they were in search of a reliable software solution. The business also has multi-diversified procurement practices for different types of building materials from a competitive market, which called for efficient resource planning.


FactsBMS fit akin to a glove and matched the company’s complex requirements. It was developed using Microsoft Visual Basic with SQL Server as the backend database engine.


Basic modules included purchase invoice, non-stock purchases, journal vouchers, and debit notes. The receivables and accounts payable vouchers are also included (such as journal vouchers, receipt vouchers, and payment vouchers). FactsBMS solution produces purchase orders to various suppliers, along with procuring raw materials and consumables. Moreover, the closing of accounts features is automated based on work in progress (WIP) calculations.