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This customer is one of the leading corporate and event catering companies in UAE. As a part of the lifestyle and technology conglomerate, the company works with 120 plus strong and professional staff. To control and manage their services they are in search with trading software solution. Facts ERP acts as a guide to this customer in order to carry out their services smoothly. This customer has some cost centers/divisions which help than to stream line their business activities.

Facts ERP- purchase and sales management software is developed using the latest Microsoft.NET framework, with Microsoft SQL Server as the Back-End database Engine. Raw material requirement planning is scheduled in in advance before procurement of order processing is carried out. Inventory management is also taken care of by Fact ERP.

The inflow of material requirement planning consists of recipes master where all list of ingredients for unit production are collected. On the basis of production plan given by health factory and production order staff catering contracts and events material requirement plan is documented. Procurement of non-bulk inventory items on purchase requisition. Quotation for sales are prepared for feeding the prices into the system for a given period. Supplier’s confirmation details are fed into logistics arrangements once the Purchase order is placed. Purchase module mainly includes purchase documents such as Purchase Orders, Goods Receipt Notes and Purchase Invoices. Stock master maintains different category of items like ingredients and non-stock items.