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This customer is one the well-known fruit trading company in the UAE. To handle the trading and delivery activities which covers all over the UAE, they were in search of having a reliable software solution which meets their business needs. FactsERP found to be an appropriate solution which meets their requirements.

The solutioning has been done in Microsoft Visual Basic and Microsoft SQL Server used as backend database engine. There are different stages while purchases and sales when the order is processed . The documents involved in these processes are Purchase Orders, Goods Receipt Notes, Purchase Invoices, Sales Orders and Sales Invoices. Consignment purchase basically displays arrived items without rate from the supplier. Net weight loss is measured for every consignment damage occurs. Expenses entry are noted down on delivery of items by supplier and it also displays the expenses occurred.

Statement of sales proceeds are recorded so that supplier can do all branch transaction. Sales orders are prepared on bases of all customers who all the orders. Sales Return are prepared on the basis of any return or claim from the customer. Van sales invoice are basically prepared on the basis of customer requirement.

Distribution plan are basically prepared by delivery department on the basis of pending sales order. A sales quotation would be issued and upon confirmation of the same in the form of LPO, a Sales order would be generated.