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A leading trader in the UAE is involved in areas such as real estate, banking and finance, IT and other general trading. The Galleries, Promoters and Organizers are the three different individuals who work behind-the-scenes in the various avenues of art. Thus helping to make it a thriving and successful element of the economy. They procured FactsSHARP solution to manage their manpower and payroll processes.

The core modules developed in FactsSHARP includes Human Resource Management, Documents Expiry Tracking, Leaves Management and Loan Management. The attendance status displays the number of employees who are present, full day absent, early out, and who are on leave. OT calculation is maintained for employees who work after the working hours.

FactsSHARP also has additional features such as Finance, Recruitment, Performance appraisal and petty cash management, which are equally important to manage their workflow process.