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This is one of the well-known business group in UAE in the fileld of construction, real estate, infrastructure, health care and retail. To manage and optimize their Human Capital investiments, our HR and Payroll management application named FactsSHARP was implemented.

It has modules such as labor header and attendance posting. The labor header data is entered through labor time sheet for employee wise. It consist of two reports: – labor time sheet register and tabular view for time sheet entry. Labor time sheet register displays the time attendance of the labors. Tabular view for time sheet entry displays the time sheet register in a tabular view.

The attendance posting option is mostly done on a monthly basis after all the necessary checking for total overtime hours and number of employees absent are performed in payroll processing. This module consists of two reports: – availed leave register and overtime report. Availed leave register displays the number of employees who have taken leaves. Overtime reports displays the number of employees who have worked overtime.

All these data becomes the input to generate payroll related reports from FactsSHARP.