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This customer is one of the well-known Real Estate Consultancy specializing in all aspects of Residential and commercial areas. They deliver an innovative site with state of the market tools, which will transform the way consumers see and make home-related decisions while connecting with the best and most experienced professionals in the market place. To acquire their vision they were in pursuit of having reliable back office accounting system. FactsSHARP was found appropriate to solve their requirement.

FactsSHARP – Payroll and H.R Management Software is developed using the latest Microsoft.NET framework, with Microsoft SQL Server as the Back-End database Engine. FactsSHARP provides an integrated support to maintain client data (Customer Master), contract data (Job Master), billing data (Sales Invoice) and collection data (Receipt Voucher). Client data display the clients unique id, name, address and contact details for every customer. Contract data maintains the contract between business center franchise and client. It will also keep a track on customers unique id, customer name, start date and end date, billing duration and contract value in AED. Financial Accounting Management (FAM) is an additional module developed in FactsSHARP by Facts Computer Software House, Dubai which helps the client to keep track on all the account receivables and payments transactions.

Billing data is calculated on a monthly basis and also previous months variable charges are raised together with next month fixed charge invoice. Receipt number, receipt date, bill number and client ID are noted while collecting data. Cost center break up are categorized in two charges: – fixed charges and variable charges. Fixed charges imply for rent, internet charges, and firewall and telephone line. Variable charges imply for availed courier services, photocopy uses and meeting room uses.