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A leading departmental store in the UAE, were in pursuit of having a retail chain management system to meet their requirements. FactsERP was deployed to maintain their retail purchase and sales activities. FactsERP was developed using Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 to run backend database engine. Reporting Modules are developed in Seagate Crystal Reports / Microsoft Office tools.


The Core functional modules enhanced in FactsERP includes Purchase Inventory, Finance Management, Human Resources & Payroll Management, Retail POS/Cash Desks and Pricing module. Purchase and Inventory process includes Stock Reorder Report, Stock Request, Goods Receipt Note (GRN), Purchase Invoice (PI) and Purchase Return (PR).


Every product is guaranteed to have a defined unique barcode or item code. Expected Delivery date and Delivery location are captured depending on the sales order. Purchase of goods will only be processed completely after receiving a correct invoice.


In addition to purchase and sales life cycle process, FactsERP also maintains warehouse inward/outward information. A few featured modules include Picking Slip, Debit Inventory Account (DIA) and Credit Cost of Sales (CCoS).


FactsERP provides an efficacious accounting integration mechanisms to handle all the account receivables as well as payments. To accomplish it many vouchers such as Journal Vouchers, Receipt Vouchers and Payment Vouchers and contra vouchers are used.